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I love my deserts but as I am a weight gainer I need to be careful not to indulge + it's not healthy for our wellbeing to eat all the treats we like - this is why I spend my time looking and trialling GUILT FREE ALTERNATIVES!!

Healthy from within

I wish I could say I'm perfect and that I live a sugar free, carb free lifestyle ...but I don't - I love food and I have a sweet tooth + I have a HUGE relationship with carbs ..IM GREEK after all!!! I wish I could say weight management was super easy for me's not!! I struggle with weight gain due to menopause & if I so much as look at chocolate or a slice of bread, I gain weight.  I workout and stay fit but weight control and healthy living is 80% what you eat & 20% exercise, that's the math.

Healthy Juicing

In this vlog, Marianna one of our Instructors from London shows you how to make one of her favourite healthy juices, ingredients and tips all provided! Marianna recommends and likes to have a juice before OPACIZE™ classes for energy! 



300 calorie lunch

I enjoy to eat cruskits as a substitute to bread + very low calorie  - if you add the right toppings they are satisfying & delicious. 

Here is a little Lunch inspiration for you that is easy and fast + DELICIOUS!! 

I mash avocado & add a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper & the I finely slice cucumber & add on top + a teaspoon of sweet chilli drizzled over the top. 

I can't explain how fresh tasting and YUMMY these are - very filling and Only 300 calories for 3 Cruskits - 400 calories for 4.

Kathy xx

Best Kafe Ever in Perth

Vasilis runs the Greek Tavern Estia at 836 Beaufort Inglewood Perth – Estia comes from Greek Mythology The God of Hospitality & Friendship which is exactly what Vasili is all about.

Filming Day by Renee

Today I will take you behind the scenes and show you some of what I do in my role of Ambassador for the Steve Waugh Foundation. It's FILMING DAY, "A Day in the Life of Renee". This video will be shown during the Captains Ride, their huge annual fundraising campaign. It's a long on road cycle event across New South Wales, this year from Bowral to Mount Kosciusko. The event is held to raise much needed funds for the foundation and to increase awareness of kids who live with rare diseases.


Hi guys, I filmed these little episodes during my last trip to Greece in September. I went to visit my boyfriend's parents who live in Pelepones. Unfortunately, he couldn't join me. However, two friends from England came all the way with their motorcycle and we spent a week together. 

Team Perth - Where the Magic Begins!!

In this VLOG the Perth Team takes you on a brief journey and shows you how they train, prepare and encourage each other for OPACIZE™ Greek Dance Fitness Classes at their Popular Tuesday & Thursday night venue! 

My Psychic Medium Girlfriend

I have been close with my friend Deb for a long time, almost 10 years in fact! Not long ago I found out that she was a medium and was blown away...I couldn't believe she had kept it from me all these years!! I had no interest in seeing her as I'm interested in the spiritual world but I had a very different perception about what a medium did ....