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Catching Up With My Best Friend by Renee

Hi! My name is Renee - Personal Assistant of OPA-cize™. Today I'm going to show you some quality time spending together with my best friend Sinead. We met back in year 7 camp many years ago. At first she was very annoying and I didn't think at all that we would become such good friends... We have become the BESTEST of friends since then! We have such a unique relationship. .... We can't do with out each other. Sinead is everything a best friend should be and more! It was meant to be to meet each other. She has been there for me through good & bad every step of the way.

FAYI Greek Cookbooks by Valerie

After OPA-cize™ class recently, Sia Aristidou, one of the authors of FAYI Cookbooks, popped in to demonstrate how to cook some of the recipes from their Mezze Cookbook.  The recipes in the book have been handed down from their family members and are converted for cooking in a thermo mixer.
The book is currently available as an e-book and will be printed in the next few weeks as a hard copy book.

My Kalymnos by Themelina

I was just over in Kalymnos visiting family with my husband and driving around I couldn't stop comparing our busy life - the hustle and bustle of Sydney is like chalk and cheese to the simplicity and serenity of Kalymnos. 

We are taking you for a drive along their main road & comparing it with Sydney's Princess Hwy comparison at all lol!! Back home I'm forever caught in bumper to bumper traffic jams ...on my holiday the only traffic jam was caused by the cutest goats (katsikia) ... :) 

My 20th Birthday by Dahlia

For my 20th birthday I wanted to celebrate by heading out to Kinisi, a Greek club in Melbourne! I love Greek music and I love to dance so naturally my first idea was to head out there. The music was so loud that unfortunately you can't really hear me talking over the clips, so I've added in a couple of captions to detail some of the happenings of the night!

Team Perth on Tour - Fremantle Markets

In this VLOG the Perth Team are taking a tour of the Famous Fremantle Markets with our special guest/friend and fellow Instructor Chrisoula from Wollongong NSW. We take you on a tour of these special markets and show you the different aspects of what makes these markets so beautiful and unique. 

"Greek Town" in Chicago by Vicky

"Today I am taking you to visit Greek Town, in our beautiful city of Chicago, where we will take a glimpse of the annual Taste of Greece Festival. My father owns two restaurants in Greek Town, 9 Muses Bar & Grill (opened for 26 years!), and Meli Café & Juice Bar (opened for 10 years with 3 locations!). Although Meli (Greek word for Honey) is a Greek word, it is not a pure Greek restaurant, although there are various Greek ingredients and dishes sprinkled throughout the menu.

What's for Dinner Frances??

I have become an expert juggler as I go between my role as a busy mother and wife, director of OPA-cize™ + Dance Fitness instructor running my classes nightly...It's a constant job to keep on top of my game as I love each and everything I do.