Hi Everyone, 

I am passionate about food, however I do gain weight rapidly if I do not watch my macronutrient count.  

I created my CLEAN ZOI plan and program as a way of allowing people who like myself enjoy good food and lifestyle, but want to trim up and feel and look their best with starvation - food is one of the dimple pleasures of life that we should not skimp on or deprive ourselves of.

CLEAN ZOI is based on the keto lifestyle, I have tweaked it to jake if my own as I do not like too many high fats and I needed a little more non refined carbs & sugars 

I am sharing the recipe for a CLEAN ZOI CARB FREE BREAD - it is carb free, low fat, guilt free indulgence & one of many that we offer to our members 

For this and many more recipes, please visit our CLEAN ZOI link @  OPACIZE.COM 


love ... Kathy xx