Filming Day by Renee

Today I will take you behind the scenes and show you some of what I do in my role of Ambassador for the Steve Waugh Foundation. It's FILMING DAY, "A Day in the Life of Renee". This video will be shown during the Captains Ride, their huge annual fundraising campaign. It's a long on road cycle event across New South Wales, this year from Bowral to Mount Kosciusko. The event is held to raise much needed funds for the foundation and to increase awareness of kids who live with rare diseases. The hope for this video is to bring motivation and inspiration into the cyclists minds when the going gets tough during their ride and remind them they are riding for kids with rare diseases.

To get the ball rolling mum and I prepared some nibbles - YUMM! Once the crew were set up we took a few short films of the all the equipment the foundation as supplied me over the years to make my life easier. The most important and endlessly helpful things the foundation has provided me includes the renovation of my bathroom making it more accessible for me, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks so I can leave the house and much more. With their support they have taken away the financial burden from my family and provided me with independence as I have grown into a woman. 

It was a great day of fun and laughter while we chatted away for hours almost as if the cameras were never there. We also spent some time cooking my favourite bikkies that are sugar free, vegan, gluten free AND THEY ARE DELICIOUS! The bikkies were so good even Steve Waugh and the crew couldn't get enough. Now that I filled their bellies it was my turn to interview Steve for a change. hehehe. Yes, love it! I was even able to get tips from Steve on how to wear a lycra suit. ;) 

And finally the piece of résistance was my best wishes final message to the riders to hopefully give them the boost to keep up the hard work. I would like to thank the camera crew who made the filming day so easy, relaxed and enjoyable. 

Most importantly I want to take this opportunity to thank Steve, his wife Lynette and everyone involved in the foundation. I'm so grateful for everything they have done for me and my family. I am honoured and blessed to be one of their ambassadors, it has helped me grow as a person and I will forever appreciate every opportunity they have given me and my family.

GO TEAM WAUGH! I have every faith in each of the participants in achieving greatness for the foundation to raise awareness and funds for kids with rare diseases. I want to thank the riders for your hard work in preparing and GOODLUCK with your journey. I believe in you no matter what, keep your head high and ride on.

Renee xx