Hi guys, I filmed these little episodes during my last trip to Greece in September. I went to visit my boyfriend's parents who live in Pelepones. Unfortunately, he couldn't join me. However, two friends from England came all the way with their motorcycle and we spent a week together. 

During my stay we went for many swims. I love the sea in this area a lot. There are no sandy beaches but beautiful water with a gorgeous turquoise colour. Also we saw the Canal of Corinth. Furthermore I included scenes from the weekly farmer's market and a pastry shop as well as my boyfriend's mother preparing Gemista. (I would have liked to add the scene where she tells me its too difficult and that it is better if I just watch and learn. But I don't want to "eat wood". Haha). I enjoy it there every time. Since I learned better Greek it gets also funnier.

I hope you enjoy this vlog. I added a scene of Cookie, one of three dogs that lived with me, he is the cutest and most loyal thing ever.

Many greetings and I hope to present you something from Germany soon.

Caterina xxx