KAREKLACIZE - Chair Fitness by Kathy


This is our Chair Dance Fitness edition for our Seniors & people living with mobility issues that prevent them from participating in our regular OPACIZE GREEK DANCE FITNESS CLASSES.  

Years ago I was when I began my Dance Fitness career, I was trained in a Seated fitness program as part of the program that I worked for - I will bring this knowledge into our newest KARAKLACIZE™️ edition.  Life is too short & to hard to not be able to dance - OPACIZE IS COMMITTED TO MAKING DANCE FITNESS POSSIBLE FOR EVERYBODY & “EVERY BODY” !!! 

I was intending to launch this as part of my “PAREA™️ all abilities & beyond” classes I was in the process of putting together, however covid19 happened and it was put on hold.  I will launch our seated edition today as I have had many requests from our Nursing homes & I encourage all to spread the word and get our elderly and anyone who may find this useful TO JOIN IN!! 

KAREKLACIZE edition is dedicated to my beautiful parents who live their life seated every minute of every day......They’re my hero’s.

please ensure you workout at your own pace, high or low impact  & stop if you feel you need to. Keep a towel & water handy.  If you have pre existing medical conditions, please ensure you receive medical clearance prior to working out with us.  IF YOU ARE NOT MEDICALLY ABLE TO PROCEED, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED TO WORKOUT. BY PROCEEDING TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EXPRESS CLASS YOU ARE ACCEPTING OUR CONDITIONS & YOU ARE DECLARING THAT YOU ARE FIT HEALTHY & GOOD TO GO - happy workout everyone!