I need to follow a carb free & sugar free lifestyle in order to keep my weight down as I am in thick of menopause & therefore if I even look at carbs or sugar I gain weight!!! I happen to LOVE food & especially bread and pasta so it wasn't easy to give up all my favourite staples - I did discover the dukan diet & I follow this diet plan & today I have lost approx 8kgs! It's easy to follow as it enables you to eat plenty as long as you are organised & food prep is a must in order to stay on track. I tend to cook my basic staples such as oat bran bread & a sugar free sweet treat such as the chocolate log or the scones (all carb free of course), I always have something cooked and ready to snack on. I don't feel like I'm missing out & occasionally I do have one cheat day, however the next day I get back on track. The recipes seen here are super easy to make and very low calorie for anyone who counts calories. If anyone is interested in the Dukan diet, you can google much information online to find out more. Enjoy the yummy recipes - Kathy xx