OPA-Cize Instructor Registration

INSTRUCTOR REQUIREMENTS - BE YOUR OWN BOSS AND HAVE FUN AS YOU WORK!  We are looking to spread our fun program worldwide and are offering people the opportunity to become Independent licensed instructors - 100% online training - experience is not necessary as we will teach you all  you need to know to start working as an OPACIZE™ Greek Dance Fitness licensed Instructor & have you running your own classes independetley. Applicants must have good co-ordination and the ability to pick up choreographed routines - We are looking for people with good people skills - non smokers - who are Fit & healthy - good leaders - professional, friendly, confident, driven and be inspiring. Training is very easy and can be completed within one week .   Please note that experience is not necessary as we train you, but you must be confident with good dance skills & co-ordination. If this is you and you are interested in teaching our program in your country/state or area, please sign up today - we have many participants accross the globe waiting to join new classes.

MUSIC & CHOREOGRAPHY - We supply you with our own choreography + each month you will recieve new choreography to add to your class -  music we use is available on iTunes for purchase. 

ONLINE VIRTUAL CLASSES - Learn how to run succesful live online classes and change lives as you work from home. We have a large global following that is waiting for your virtual class.   

ONLINE E-TRAINING – All the tools of the dance fitness trade are listed on our online manual - you will learn what you need to start your own class, such as PA speakers/public liability insurance/legal waivers/venue hire. To start with you will need to complete a two step written and practical test which is very easy and  can be completed within 1-2 weeks (we give you 3 months to complete Step 1 & Step 2) - this test will enable us to determine how well you pick up choreography & it will allow us to learn more about you. We have provided you with a very easy online manual about how we run our OPA-cize™ classes and have also added our easy choreography for you to learn, practice, memorise and  upload for us to see once you feel ready. Once you have completed  both steps 1 and step 2 you will then receive an email from head office within 7 days to confirm your application result – Successful applicants will be emailed their license and access into our OPA-cize™ Instructor Network.  Unsuccessful applicants will have their application declined - we do not offer a refund of registration fee. We give all applicants 3 months to complete their application & if it is not completed within our cut off time frame we will decline application with no refund -  it is crucial that all applications are completed within 3 months. Our online training step 1 and step 2 process is very simple and can be completed within a week.

Successful applicants will receive the following:

  • Online OPA-cize™ Licence to download and print
  • OPA-cize™ Training manual to download, print and keep
  • OPACIZE KIDz™ Program to add your class schedule 
  • OPACIZE SENIORZ™️ Program to add to your class schedule 
  • EUROCIZE™️ Program to add to your class schedule 
  • EUROCIZE™️ Materials & Choreography required for your class 
  • KAPSE™ HIIT Fitness Program to add to your class
  • KAPSE™ Drills and materials required for your HIIT Fitness class addition 
  • KAPSE™ Training Manual to use, download and keep 
  • LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES learn how to work from home and change lives
  • Live class online videos to practice our choreography & use in your own class
  • Rights to use our OPA-cize™ brand, logo, marketing material provided online
  • Rights to use our own patented OPA-cize™ Choreography
  • Rights to use our EUROCIZE™️ Brand, logo, marketing material and our patented choreography 
  • Two new routines each month to use at your class
  • be part of our online OPA-cize™ Network
  • Online marketing material to download, print and use
  • Online promotion through our website
  • Get your profile on our website
  • Upload your own photos and videos on our social media platforms
  • Upload your information, photos and videos on our website
  • Online social media promotion 
  • Learn new Greek basic step moves online monthly to add to your routines
  • Break down of Greek Folk dance steps will be available online and updated regularly
  • Get new choreography video clips online monthly
  • FREE use of our  KAPSE™ HIIT Fitness program & materials 
  • 25% discounted merchandise from our online store
  • 25% discounted entry fee to any class or event worldwide
  • Members - We have thousands of OPA-cize™ Members worldwide
  • Promotion - your classes will never be invisible on our global platform
  • Network with the many OPA-cize™ Instructors spread across the globe
  • Continued online support by Head Office

INSTRUCTOR FEE STRUCTURE – To Join our OPA-cize™ Instructor Network initial sign up fee is $120 AUD. Once you are accepted as a licensed instructor there is a monthly fee of $25 AUD to maintain your license. PayPal is our only payment option & to complete registration payment, you will need to empty your cart which is located on top right hand corner of our website.

Registration requires you to create a profile for our website whcih you will need a username (your full name) and password, then proceed to sign on to our website & complete our "instructor registration"  

Thank you for choosing our program. We look forward to working with you!

$120.00 AUD