OPA-Cize Instructor Registration

INSTRUCTOR REQUIREMENTS - BE YOUR OWN BOSS AND HAVE FUN AS YOU WORK!  We are looking to spread our fun program worldwide and are offering people the opportunity to become Independent licensed instructors - 100% online training - experience is not necessary as we will teach you all  you need to know to start working as an OPACIZE™ Greek Dance Fitness licensed Instructor & have you running your own classes independetley. Applicants must have good co-ordination and the ability to pick up choreographed routines - We are looking for people with good people skills - non smokers - who are Fit & healthy - good leaders - professional, friendly, confident, driven and be inspiring. Training is very easy and can be completed within one week .   Please note that experience is not necessary as we train you, but you must be confident with good dance skills & co-ordination. If this is you and you are interested in teaching our program in your country/state or area, please sign up today - we have many participants accross the globe waiting to join new classes.

MUSIC & CHOREOGRAPHY - We supply you with our own choreography + each month you will recieve new choreography to add to your class -  music we use is available on iTunes for purchase. 

ONLINE VIRTUAL CLASSES - Learn how to run succesful live online classes and change lives as you work from home. We have a large global following that is waiting for your virtual class.   

ONLINE E-TRAINING – All the tools of the dance fitness trade are listed on our online manual - you will learn what you need to start your own class, such as PA speakers/public liability insurance/legal waivers/venue hire. To start with you will need to complete a two step written and practical test which is very easy and  can be completed within 1-2 weeks (we give you 3 months to complete Step 1 & Step 2) - this test will enable us to determine how well you pick up choreography & it will allow us to learn more about you. We have provided you with a very easy online manual about how we run our OPA-cize™ classes and have also added our easy choreography for you to learn, practice, memorise and  upload for us to see once you feel ready. Once you have completed  both steps 1 and step 2 you will then receive an email from head office within 7 days to confirm your application result – Successful applicants will be emailed their license and access into our OPA-cize™ Instructor Network.  Unsuccessful applicants will have their application declined - we do not offer a refund of registration fee. We give all applicants 3 months to complete their application & if it is not completed within our cut off time frame we will decline application with no refund -  it is crucial that all applications are completed within 3 months. Our online training step 1 and step 2 process is very simple and can be completed within a week.

DISCOUNTED ONLINE TRAINING OFFERS - Occassionally we do run recruitment promotions, where we offer discounted training - these offers are heavily reduced and as such we require your online training to be completed within 7 days after your registration is completed.  We do not offer extensions or refunds for our discounted online training, so please select and proceed once you are certain that you are ready to do this. 

Successful applicants will receive the following:

  • Online OPA-cize™ Licence to download and print
  • OPA-cize™ Training manual to download, print and keep
  • OPACIZE KIDz™ Program to add your class schedule 
  • OPACIZE SENIORZ™️ Program to add to your class schedule 
  • EUROCIZE™️ Program to add to your class schedule 
  • EUROCIZE™️ Materials & Choreography required for your class 
  • KAPSE™ HIIT Fitness Program to add to your class
  • KAPSE™ Drills and materials required for your HIIT Fitness class addition 
  • KAPSE™ Training Manual to use, download and keep 
  • LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES learn how to work from home and change lives
  • Live class online videos to practice our choreography & use in your own class
  • Rights to use our OPA-cize™ brand, logo, marketing material provided online
  • Rights to use our own patented OPA-cize™ Choreography
  • Rights to use our EUROCIZE™️ Brand, logo, marketing material and our patented choreography 
  • Two new routines each month to use at your class
  • be part of our online OPA-cize™ Network
  • Online marketing material to download, print and use
  • Online promotion through our website
  • Get your profile on our website
  • Upload your own photos and videos on our social media platforms
  • Upload your information, photos and videos on our website
  • Online social media promotion 
  • Learn new Greek basic step moves online monthly to add to your routines
  • Break down of Greek Folk dance steps will be available online and updated regularly
  • Get new choreography video clips online monthly
  • FREE use of our  KAPSE™ HIIT Fitness program & materials 
  • 25% discounted merchandise from our online store
  • 25% discounted entry fee to any class or event worldwide
  • Members - We have thousands of OPA-cize™ Members worldwide
  • Promotion - your classes will never be invisible on our global platform
  • Network with the many OPA-cize™ Instructors spread across the globe
  • Continued online support by Head Office

INSTRUCTOR FEE STRUCTURE – To Join our OPA-cize™ Instructor Network initial sign up fee is $120 AUD. Once you are accepted as a licensed instructor there is a monthly fee of $25 AUD to maintain your license. PayPal is our only payment option & to complete registration payment, you will need to empty your cart which is located on top right hand corner of our website.

Registration requires you to create a profile for our website whcih you will need a username (your full name) and password, then proceed to sign on to our website & complete our "instructor registration" .

TRAINEE DASHBOARD:  Once your registration payment is complere, please sign onto our website using your username and password, our "TRAINEE DASHBOARD" is located on the top right hand corner of our website.  On our trainee dashboard you will be guided by our online manuals + training videos clips, it is important that you read and listen to the training information provided.  

If you would like to contact our Head Office, you may do so by email:  info@opa-cize.com  

Head Office is open Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm AEST. 

Thank you ! 


$120.00 AUD