OPA-cize™ has received some amazing press due to the program that has hugely become popular not only amongst the Greek Community but the non-Greek people worldwide.  It is the first structured 100% pure Greek Dance Fitness workout  of its kind in the world.

Below is our press coverage in recent months.






Alexander the Great


ΟΜΟΓΕΝΕΙΑ ΕΔΩ ΛΟΝΔΙΝΟ 23.6.17 part5 Opa Cize zoumba


Τα κορίτσια του OPAcize θα παρουσιάσουν live demo στο πανηγύρι του Λαβάλ!


Kick-Ass Confidence Interview: Power of Dance and Learning to Lead


I Quit Sugar - 6 quirkiest fitness trends of 2016 (+ the ones that actually work!)


SBS Greek Radio Interview



Greek Dance Your way to Fitness


Performances representing Greece at 2016 Eurofestival of Montreal


Website Link





Interview with Epsilon TV


Interview with Bianca




GRTV- Con Laz does OPA-CIZE! Greek Dance Fitness!


OPA-cize on Epsilon TV


OPA-cize on Alpha TV


Apo to opa, sto OPA-cize


Daily Herald - Why Greek dance workout leaves fitness buffs 'smiling' in suburbs


GRTV- Con Laz does OPA-CIZE! Greek Dance Fitness!


Windy City Greek - OPA-cize™ Comes to Chicago


Studio 10


Meraki TV Australia