Welcome to our 4th instalment of our class DVD series - DVD 4 was filmed at our 2 Year Birthday MasterClass in Melbourne & it features many instructors from all over Australia - PLUS - We have added a BONUS 1/2 hour for your enjoyment and as a token of "THANKS" for your support. We combine 100% Greek dance moves with aerobic variations to the latest Greek tracks + old classics that we have grown up with & we disguise the hard work with FUN KEFI so you do not realise how hard you are working. Work at your own pace & enjoy - you will burn between 500 - 1000 calories per class depending on how high or low impact you work. Get ready to PARTY with us - Put on your sneakers and comfy workout wear & come dance with us - OPA!!  Have a sneak peak at KAPSE, our latest addition to OPACIZE & it means "BURN" I'm Greek - it is the 1st 100% Greek structured HIIT program in the world & it will transform bodies all over the globe! 

Please select carefully as we do not refund. 

$10.00 AUD