The Clean Zoi Plan was uniquely created by Kathy Skettos, Founder of OPACIZE Greek Dance Fitness who herself follows the Clean Zoi lifestyle and has lost 17kgs within a 6 month period.  It was created for people who like Kathy enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as dancing and good food, however no matter how much they dance and workout and make changes to their diet, they find themselves gaining weight and unable to lose the excess kilos.  Weight loss is “rocket science” for some people.

The inexplicable force we call our metabolism does begin to grind a bit slower every year from the age 30 onward – we stand to gain 1-2 extra kilos each year and by the time we hit the age of 40 years, many of us find ourselves very overweight.

We are proud to say that we have helped hundreds of people worldwide to transform their own lives by improving their wellbeing and we have helped them lose weight so they look and feel their best - our results speak volumes about our easy to follow, brilliant program. 

Kathy & her team of CZ30 TRANSFORM Mentors run regular challenges and invite everyone to join. 



CZ30 HILO™️ TRANSFORM is based on the "Military method" and it is our NEWEST ADDITION to our program. We are excited to share this with the world, it is unlike any other lifestyle or diet plan, this requires zero food preparation, zero elimination of foods, zero food lists, zero deprivation, zero starvation, zero dread, it is a very enjoyable to eat yourself happy healthy & from. Our CZ mentors offer daily guidance and daily support, our CZ community gets behind one another, they will become your daily friends & cheer squad - you have total control of what you select to eat & you will be able to "DO YOU" and your life as you please.
Our recent trials have been been very successful. we have had huge weigh loss results - our members who took part in our trial prefer our new "HILO™️ METHOD" to our previous "KETO METHOD" as they have total control and therefore they effortlessly stick to the plan.
CZ HILO™️ TRANSFORM is like no other “fad diet” you have taken part in, it is a “LIFESTYLE” that once you are shown our easy method and how it works, you will be HOOKED & you will be able to easily adapt and continue on your own for the rest of your life with ease. If followed correctly, you will trim up, look and feel your best in no time at all.
Never again will you need to deprive yourself of the food and life you love !!!





Calorie cycling … Calorie Shifting …. Intermittent Energy Restriction… whatever you want to call it, it is an eating pattern that will help you stick to your eating plan & lose weight … continued results are speaking volumes about our “CZ30 “HiLo” TRANSFORM CHALLENGES” 

Rather than consuming a set number of calories daily, you alternate. There are no food restrictions or food restrictions, no strict guidelines, no special supplements or magic potions, just the number of calories you can eat on set days of the week. 

For this reason it’s not a “diet” , but rather a way of structuring your daily, weekly or monthly food intake.  

The benefits of calorie cycling include greater weight loss, less hunger & abilty to stick to your diet plan. You will learn how to create a new lifestyle that includes a good balance of food and you can take this plan anywhere, even travel with it. 

CLEAN ZOI by OPACIZE.COM is about health & fitness made easy.



CLEAN ZOI KETO is based on CLEAN EATING, we eliminate processed foods and we teach you to replace with whole foods and switch from refined food choices to non refined carbohydrates & non refined sugar lifestyle - It is made up of an adequate amount of fat and protein, low carbohydrate, zero processed sugar diet which provides easier access to your fat stores within your body to burn them off. Your body will burn fat more effectively as the high insulin levels within your body are decreased/eliminated, this switches your body’s fuel supply to run mostly on fat, therefore burning fat 24/7 – this is called “KETOSIS” – Ketones are produced if you eat very few carbs (carbs are quickly broken down into blood sugar) and only moderate amounts of protein (excess protein can also be converted to blood sugar). The liver produces Ketones from fat (therefore adequate fat allowance). These Ketones then serve as fuel source throughout the body, especially the brain. The brain is a hungry organ that consumes lots of energy every day, and it can run on fat directly, or ketones.

FOOD PREPARATION IS INVOLVED WITH OUR KETO METHOD, however it is easy and doable + our trained mentors offer strong support throughout the entrie 30 day transformation period.

LOW NON REFINED CARBS between 50 - 60 grams daily is ideal – natural carbs are found in many nuts, fruits and vegetables.  We avoid processed carbohydrates & Starchy foods such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes as these are very high in carbs.

WATER – 2 litres must be consumed daily. Be careful of not to consume sugary drinks and mixers. Small amounts of milk or cream in your coffee daily is ok, as is the occasional glass of wine.

NUTS are high in fat and contain some carb content, be aware and do not eat huge quantities.

FATS come in “good fats” and “bad fats” – be sure to read the back of packaging and go easy on your fat choices.  Stay within our low daily fat count.  Dairy products are high in fat count, limit your dairy intake.

SUGAR is poison.  Stevia is the best, most natural alternative to processed sugar. When using sugar substitutes be careful of any that are not natural – We stay within the 20 grams daily of natural sugars found in fruits + hidden sugars found in various foods we eat – DO NOT USE ANYTHING THAT ENDS IN “ITOL” AS IT IS ARTIFICIAL AND HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH.

Our Clean Zoi plan structure, approved food list and recipes have been created with all of the above in mind  - we have done the hard work, you simply follow and commit and you will see results. 


DETOX is a 7 day period that we run as part of our “30 Day Transformation Challenge that enables your body to adjust. You may experience weakness, fatigue and headaches, this is normal as your body detoxes and adjusts. Please do seek medical clearance by your General Practitioner if you have a pre-existing medical health condition or if you are unsure.

TRANSFOMATION is our 30 Day Challenge and it is where you will shed fat and transform your life and body, providing you do commit 100%.

LIFESTYLE  is where you stay on track to ensure you maintain your weight loss, with our calorie counting plan - you will be free to eat everything and anything you like as long as you stay between 800 - 1800 calories. We will teach you how to calorie count and we continue to guide you via our private “LIFESTYLE GROUP”.  If you have not reached your desired weight, we recommend doing another round of CLEAN ZOI 30 Day Transformation Challenge.

We are proud and excited about our Clean Zoi lifestyle and we know you will love it too - it works!

OPA to the new you, the “you” you were designed to be !




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