Our latest "NON GREEK" Dance Fitness Program is a mix of all dance styles, rhythms and ethnicities - we combine modern dance, contemporary, hip-hop, Swing, jazz, Latin, Belly dance, Rock n roll, Afro, Bhangra, Folk ... if you love dance fitness, you will enjoy Eurocize.   

Our program disguises the hard work with FUN so you won’t feel how hard you’re working. You will burn 500 – 1000 calories at each 1 hour EUROCIZE class depending on how high or low impact you work out & we do recommend that youwork out at your own pace.

EUROCIZE DANCE FITNESS is a dance party workout, designed to DANCE YOURSELF HAPPY at every class - we combine high-intensity and low-intensity moves, plus we add a variety of fitness elements for an interval dance party workout that will turn your body into a calorie-burning machine.

There is no age restriction as our programs are for all ages and fitness levels. EUROCIZE IS DIVERSE and it is designed to bring more people from all over the globe onto our dance floors - within a 1 hour class, we will take you on a trip around the world through music and dance 

Contact your local Instructor to find out more