I love my deserts but as I am a weight gainer I need to be careful not to indulge + it's not healthy for our wellbeing to eat all the treats we like - this is why I spend my time looking and trialling GUILT FREE ALTERNATIVES!!

Today I show you how I make peanut butter ice cream that is totally unprocessed & low in sugar + dairy free !! Freeze bananas overnight & add 1-2 tsp rice malt syrup + 1-2 tablespoons of unprocessed natural peanut butter & I add a dash of almond milk/ or rice milk to loosen it so it's easier to blend as it does end up quite thick...thick yummy ice cream!! You can add strawberries or cocoa and rice milk, or vanilla flavour + cinnamon's totally up to you what flavour you make's your ice cream so lash out!! Blend together all ingredients and add to container & freeze. Take out approx 15min - half hour before you serve & scoop up into bowl and eat ...or eat the log out of container! 

It's that simple!  


Kathy xx