Importance of Good Posture

Hi everyone. I have been studying hard for the last 6 weeks and this has meant I was sitting in the same position for too long. I also do look at my iPhone a lot as I enjoy watching YouTube tutorials, however this has compromised my posture greatly. The other morning I woke up in a great deal of pain, my neck felt stiff and very sore. My mum took me to our chiropractor Dr Michael Sideris for treatment. 

The massage by Amy is so good, I really do enjoy that. Once she has loosened my muscles, Dr Sideris took over and aligned my neck, back and shoulders. It feels a little weird, but it does not hurt and instantly afterwards I felt better. 

I did learn the importance of good posture and to not look down for lengthy periods. I now hold my iPhone directly in front of me and I am constantly mindful to keep my head, neck, back and posture straight and aligned. I also take many regular breaks to avoid having this occur again. 

Thank you for watching. 

Alexia x