Behind the scenes as Personal Assistant for OPAcize™

Hi! My name is Renee, Personal Assistant for OPAcize™. Today I am showing you what some days may look like behind the scenes. I work very closely with Kathy - Founder & Creator of this program. I attend to all our instructors needs globally, answering the many emails and messages that come through daily, I work hard on our busy Facebook page and attend many meetings with Head Office. 

I wake up at 5am every morning... I pretty much start work straight away whilst getting ready & eating breakfast. I work at home for a bit and then I go out to get some other jobs done which I do on a daily basis too. For example hospital visits for checkups & tests, working for my other job as Ambassador for Steve Waugh Foundation and/or leisurely activities like shopping, watching movies, spending time with friends & family and off course most importantly with my mum! We have a strong bond & we do everything together! She supports me every step of the way! Love her ENDLESSLY!! Whilst I'm out I always take my iPad with me & work either in the car while driving to places or on the phone on the go wherever I can. Multitasking is now my specialty! Hehe :) I am always there for Kathy (Founder) as her right hand girl and I'm there for all our instructors globally for whenever they need help.

As you can see my role as Personal Assistant for OPAcize™ is very busy but I absolutely love every bit of it!!! I am forever blessed to be apart of this incredible journey. This special program has changed many peoples lives including mine!! I'm no longer a shy girl as I now have confidence in myself. So I may look small but I have a big heart and big personality to match my new confidence.  I would like to thank my dearest friend of mine and my mum who we love VERY MUCH and her name is KATHY ... Founder of OPAcize™. :)