Healthy cooking does require a lot of preparation and time & as I am time poor most days, I choose to buy my food fully prepared & some days when I'm working at night, I choose to buy it cooked - I mainly select fresh unprocessed organic produce that's cooked well & whilst it is a little more expensive in price, it's deliciously good for my family and I.  We lead low carb lifestyle - we also avoid sugar & opt for natural, zero-low sugar foods... WE TRY!!.., I do give into ice cream all the time !!  Colin's is my local Paleo Butcher & I buy fresh from him daily & that way dinner is easy & quick - our family favourite is Colin's chicken schnitzel as it's crumbed with Parmesan cheese (no bread crumbs) ...Colin's foods are carb free & totally organic & hormone free + the recipes are SCRUMPTIOUS!!! We usually select meat & veggies, from curries to baked dishes to much variety!!  Coles is always my next stop for fresh berries and veggies daily as we do go through these FAST! Nuts is another staple as they go well with berries for a snack or with cereal for breakfast or as a desert with yoghurt.  If you are organised & give at least half hour of your time daily to food shop/preparation, being healthy is doable & a breeze !!

Remember... being healthy comes in all shapes and sizes, so be kind to yourself and don't ever feel discouraged ! 

Happy shopping ... happy healthy eating !! ... Kathy :) x