Spiritual Healing by Kathy

As I deal with many people on a daily basis, I encounter many positive and negative energies. There are moments where I become overwhelmed with all the energies I have consumed, and these are the times I need to find a way of releasing. I do this to fuel myself with positive light.

Four years ago, I ran into a lady by the name of Katrina at the Gold Coast (who I call "Healer Kat"). She stopped me, and I was blown away by the information she was providing me with, considering she didn't know me. Within five minutes, I was curious to find out more, and I was happy to know she was from Sydney.

I visited her upon my return to Sydney, and found her to be so healing for my soul, that I have since seen her once a year (every year!). This is generally in January, to prepare me for the twelve months ahead. Her method is a combination of verbal guidance and insight into your life, with a prayer (which is similar to a modern day Xematiasma). You feel an intense heat within your body, and by the time your session finishes, you feel a lightness within your soul.

I can't recommend Healer Kat enough! She's brilliant!

To get in touch with her, please call her on 0451 270 710 or email katrina.flokis@gmail.com