Zurich Street Parade by Angela

I'm Angela , an instructor in Zurich Switzerland and European embasdidor for Opa cize. 

I am Greek Australian ( from  Melbourne Australia ) & have been living in Zurich Switzerland  for 3 years. 

Zurich is a German speaking city although the locals have their own language or dialect of Swiss German. I'm trying ( very hard! ) to immerse by learning German.

I have two children who attend Zurich International School. It's an amazing school offering its students  incredible learning , community service and travel opportunities. Being an event manager I volunteer coordinating events and social activities at the school. 

Traveling is one of my passions & living in the heart of Europe has allowed us to do just that. 

One of my favorite places to travel to are the Greek Islands. Both my parents originate  from the beautiful island of Kastellirizo & it's given me great pleasure to introduce my children to our little treasure other wise known as "The rock"! 

Enjoying good food  with friends, music & of course dance are my other big loves. 

Living abroad allows  me to indulge in new foods ( & drinks!) from different countries. My favorite cuisine of course being Greek! There are only a few Greek restaurants here in Zurich but I've managed to find most of them!There is also only one Greek church  & to my mothers great delight I've found that too!!!

My love of dance & music began as a young child & over the years I have been in & attended many music concerts & theatre productions .

I'm loving that with Opa cize I can incorporate all of my loves & teach & Promote such an awesome uplifting program! 

I am Currently teaching OPA-cize at a fantastic gym called MP Fitness. I also do pop Up classes around town. 

In August , Zurich hold a massive event called Street Parade. It's the worlds largest techno street dance party. Thousands of people come from around the globe for it. . There are themed floats ( I was on the Grecian one of course!) & there are stages all around the city playing dance music. 

2016 celebrates  this international events 25th anniversary of unity, peace, tolerance & happiness. 

Here's a clip to give you a taste of this awesome event.