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Penny's Repairs and Alterations

In this video we see Penny telling us about her local business, Pennys repairs and alterations! She can alter anything from trousers to the most complicated of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and more! With Celebs, budding brides and the lovely locals Penny has been serving the area with her sophisticated work for over ten years…..with a gorgeous smile everyday! 

Liz’s Day Job

This is a video blog about what I do during the day before I OPA-cize with you all!!  I am passionate about the health and fitness industry and I really enjoy working in a job where I learn about new products that can help people with sports injuries and rehabilitation.  

I use so many of the products myself.  Sometimes people come to class early and I tape their knees and ankles up for them!! In another life I would be a physiotherapist or a doctor for sure :-)  

Enjoy life, keep dancing and always take care of your injuries before they get worse.   

Liz xx



I believe that we work hard each week rushing around like crazy people juggling and multitasking to get our jobs done. We workout hard weekly and try to be the healthiest and fittest version of ourselves, eating clean and lean Monday - Friday and then once the weekend hits we let our hair down a little and indulge. For me Friday mornings are the best as they kind of feel like Xmas to me...only one more sleep and weekend is upon us - R&R TIME!!!!

Canadian Food Porn

Montreal, Quebec is one of the most diverse cities in Canada if not North America.  It is the perfect mix of old European influence as well as the modern busyness of a metropolitan city.  If you were to ask a local what separates Montreal from the rest of the Country chances are you'll get a variety of responses ranging from culture, language (french being the predominant language in Quebec), a thriving night life, beautiful scenery, our famous city bixie bikes that you rent out and park at different stations throughout Montreal, the fact that Montreal is actually an ISLAND, our ridiculous

Raising Awareness for Rare Diseases

Hi, my name is Renee ... Personal Assistant of OPA-cize™.  I am also Ambassador for Steve Waugh Foundation. My role as Ambassador is to help raise awareness of Rare Diseases. It's my privilege and goal to inspire people and to raise awareness of Rare disease. I'm involved in many exciting fundraisers, projects, talking at charity events, media & interviews for magazines. I want everyone working together to make a big difference to people like me living with a Rare Condition who don't get any help or support from anywhere else.